CAN-PHANTOM Immobiliser

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If you are looking for an advanced, aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser for your vehicle, that prevents theft of your pride and joy, the CAN-PHANTOM is your solution.

The CAN-PHANTOM immobiliser is new and advanced technology that is revolutionising the car security industry.

The security system prevents the car's engine from starting until you have entered your PIN code.

The device is retrofitted to the vehicle. This is carried out by one of our approved and qualified installers. 

Following installation, you will be able to set your own personal code using any of the supported electrical switches in the vehicle. 

This cost effective security device is value for money and will give you peace of mind.  


  • Aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser system
  • Simple WiFi user interface to access the immobiliser's settings
  • Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK
  • Settings where you can temporarily disable PIN
  • Personalised disarm sequence that uses the vehicle's internal buttons and switches



The CAN-PHANTOM is a small retrofit device which can be concealed within the wiring loom of a vehicle. 

The device has the appearance of an automotive part, giving the device the perfect camouflage. 



Booked your vehicle in for a service but don't want to disclose the PIN?

Valet mode temporarily disables the immobiliser until your chosen duration has expired, or the vehicle goes over a specific chosen speed.



Maintenance Mode allows you to alter the settings of the CAN-PHANTOM.

These settings include enabling Valet Mode and changing your PIN and can be changed simply from your mobile device.



You can connect your phone to the CAN-PHANTOM to change the security system's settings as simply as possible.

You can change your PIN, place your vehicle into Valet Mode and more from your mobile device.



With keyless theft on the rise, our security system  prevents the engine from starting until a personally chosen PIN code has been entered.

Protecting your vehicle from all types of theft, including keyless entry theft 


We can install this across the UK, ensuring you can keep your vehicle safe no matter where you're based or you we can install this at our unit located in Wednesbury, West Midlands. 

Our vehicle immobiliser installations take no more than one to two hours to install.